Buyer Services Provided by Inland Valley Properties:

  • Advice: We can help you determine what neighborhoods to tour, what websites to visit, what you can afford, and how the whole process works.
  • Telephone Consultation: To assist you with your offer and other negotiations your Flat Rate Realty agent is available to answer any questions and discuss the terms and conditions of your offer with you.
  • Comparative Market Analysis: Your Flat Rate Realty agent can provide you with a local comparative market analysis which will show you past sales information and recently sold properties similar to the one you want to buy. This information will assist you and your agent in making a competitive offer on the house you are interested in buying.
  • Competition: It is important to understand the seller’s requirements and the number of other interested buyers who may also be bidding on the same property. Your Flat Rate Realty agent will call the seller’s agent to gain any information needed to make a competitive and quality offer. Your Flat Rate Realty agent plays a vital role in assisting you make the best bid possible to ensure that you get your home at the most competitive and fair price.
  • Preparation of Documents: Your Flat Rate Realty agent will prepare all “offer” documentation. Once the final offer has been prepared, your agent will go over every detail with you to make sure you understand and answer any questions you may have.
  • Offer Presentation: Your Flat Rate Realty agent will present your offer to the seller’s agent in person. Your agent will also work closely and be in constant contact with the seller’s agent during the entire “offer” process.
  • Negotiations: Your Flat Rate Realty agent will negotiate on your behalf with the seller’s agent on all aspects of the offer. If necessary, your agent will also prepare any counter-offers or addendums which may need to be added to the original offer.
  • Contingency Support: Your Flat Rate Realty agent will handle all of the paperwork with regards to any contingencies which are included in your offer.
  • Appraisals: An appraisal is required by all banks before you can get a mortgage. Therefore, your Flat Rate Realty agent will make all necessary arrangements for an appraiser to come by and appraise your new property.
  • Inspections: Your Flat Rate Realty agent will ensure that all necessary inspections are done by a reputable company. In addition, they will make sure that all necessary repairs are completed to your satisfaction and on time. A Flat Rate Realty agent will walk through the property with you before closing so you can see for yourself that the inspection repairs/contingencies have been satisfied.
  • Coordination with Your Lender: Your Flat Rate Realty agent will provide your broker or lender any information they require in order to fund your loan in time to buy your home.
  • Coordination with Escrow Agent: We will provide the escrow agent with all the purchase related documents and attain all necessary signatures needed to close the deal.

For more information regarding our buyer services and amazing rebate plans, please call our office at 800-859-8970.